1. habermannandsons:

    Honda CB 500 Gray Sin

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    by Marco Matteucci

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  4. six3seven:

    Shared from ‘ironandair’ on instagram: Bucephalus: Modern race-bred “frameless” with a beautiful 1966 Triumph vintage heart. As seen this weekend at the @handbuiltshow, this custom series is now available from @loadedguncustoms. Prototype now listed for sale on eBay. Only eight to be made in the series.
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    I never thought I’d say “I want to get on this bike already” on such a cold day. The high pipe kept me so warm. :) 

    great !

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    By ‘caferacerclub’ on instagram: First built. By our follower @vollerys. | tag your customs #caferacerclub | #cb750 #tracker
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    Bruno Spaggiari’s Imola 200 works 1973 Ducati Formula 750 Racing

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    life on a motorcycle

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    VDBMotos Triumph Scrambler

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